WhatsApp group rules


WhatsApp rules

Be careful what you say on WhatsApp in South Africa

The Alberante residents group has been setup for information for the community.

Please try follow to these rules set below.

1) Content shared is for residents only, and should not be redistributed to any third party unless permission has been sought, and such permission should be unanimous.

2) No jokes (unless specific to Chit Chat groups), religious and political opinions, hate speech, racism, and vulgar language is allowed.

3) Consideration must be given to the varying age groups of members, particularly children and the elderly.

4) Respect your fellow peers/neighbors and ensure your posts are inoffensive and not inclined to provocation.

5) Crime-related information should be posted on the secuity group which has its own rules.

6) Advertising kept to a minimum and only allowed for residents advertising business’s within the community, suggest to use the website (www.alberanteproper.co.za)

7) No spam will be allowed.

8) The group does not replace your armed or medical response services, but if in an emergency, urgent help or assistance can be requested.

9) The group may be used to post relevant suburb information, such as would impact on your immediate environment or day-to-day activities.

10) Do not expect responses immediately and if you require comment from all parties, provide at least 24 hours for them to do so.

11) Try where possible, to keep to the aim of the group.

12) Post in one chunk of text, rather than a number of text chains.

13) Do not engage in conversations with minors on the group, unless authorised to do so by their appropriate caregiver.

14) Switch to private messaging if the conversation becomes relevant to only a select few.

15) Try not to post on the group between 9pm and 7am unless there are security or emergency situations as there is another group for that.

16) Check your sources before sharing information that may be fake (or old) news.

17) Do not post data-heavy video’s/images.

18) You do not need to respond to every post; if a question is asked and you don’t have the answer, it is acceptable not to react.

19) Bear in mind that tone and meaning can be misinterpreted in a text. Pick your words carefully.


• Group is to be used only for security related issues. Not for chit chat.
• Resident must provide as much detail as possible when reporting something. For example clothing descriptions, vehicle make and model, registration number, street name etc. The more info we have, the better.
• You should state from which address you are from when reporting anything.
• Any suspicious or unknown people should be reported on the group
• Any suspicious or unknown motor vehicles should be reported on the group.
• Residents must keep communication short and to the point.
• Residents must avoid commenting if its not necessary which allows us to monitor the group effectively.
• No racism or derogatory comments of others.
•Anyone who does not adhere to the rules of the group will be removed.