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Fox Security, based in the heart of Alberton, is in a unique position to offer its clients the fastest armed reaction in any type of household or business emergency.
After 21 years, Fox Security can boast at least 10 patrol vehicles and six technical teams with equipment of the highest standard. The management of Fox Security has concentrated the activities of the company in the Alberton area only.
By focusing on the Alberton area only, Fox’s highly trained armed reaction/medical assistance units are never more than a few minutes away.

24hour Armed response & Medical
assistance. Technical services (no call out
fees). Alarm & CCTV installations. Guarding
division. Armed escorts.
Contact: 011 867-3770
Alberton SAPS urges residents to attend CPF meetings
The Alberton CPF holds a monthly meeting for each sub-sector.

Randhart Raceview Alberante Ext – Andrew Cornelius 082 853 1107 or Sean Taylor 082 494 0132.